Be A Referee

Refereeing rugby is not for everyone. But it is an essential part of the game. Unlike many other sports, a Rugby Referee needs to be on the field throughout the game, and given the fast flowing nature of rugby, this can be quite demanding.

However, starting out as a referee at the youth levels (especially U10 and U12) or as an assistant referee (touch judge) can provide a good introduction, while also contributing to the game. Wildcats always needs additional qualified referees given the size of our program.

Referees are expected to be qualified to referee youth rugby which means that they have take levels 1 and 2 training programs. They also need a good working knowledge of the IRB Laws of Rugby.

Please contact the Director of Rugby, or the Director of Youth Rugby, if you would like to explore refereeing at the Wildcats Rugby Club. NCYRA has a page that details upcoming refereeing training programs that are required before you can qualify to coach youth rugby. Also check out the course locations and times attached.

NCYRA Referee Page

Northern California Rubgy Referee Society

IRB Laws of Rugby




Here is a list of training days when your teams can obtain a certified referee for the upcoming season.  Please register early to ensure the one-day training session will take place, and so the participants can complete two online portions of the course in advance.

Sept 20—Danville
Oct 10—Fresno
Nov 15—Larkspur
Dec 6—Sacramento
Jan 17—San Jose

Remember, to register a team you must identify a certified referee who will referee 1/2 as many matches as your team plays.  We encourage you to send active players to these training sessions.  They can earn match fees from RugbyNorCal when they complete a Referee Agreement and submit Match Reports.

Registration for these courses is through USA Rugby’s website <>

David Williamson
Chair, RugbyNorCal Referee Committee